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Organizational Issues

Materials for the Workshop

Recommendations for Workshop Topics

  1. Raspberry Pi vs. BeagleBone vs. CubieBoard - What Board for what Task ?
  2. Pros and Cons of MicroPython
  3. Projects funded by Kickstarter - Alternative to Traditional Funding ?
  4. Windows Media Center or LinuxMCE (or any other Open-Source Media Center) - Which could be recommended ?
  5. Google's Android Mobile OS vs. Apple's IPhone OS vs. Windows Phone 8 - Pros and Cons
  6. Ubuntu for Phones and Ubuntu for Tablets - Alternative for Android Mobile OS ?
  7. OpenDocument or Office Open XML - which should be used in future ?
  8. Single-Sign-On like OpenID or others - Which is the best and how to realize ?
  9. Smartphone or Mini-PC (Ultra Mobile PC) - What's the future for our salesman ?
  10. Should we add Twitter to our Marketing concept ?

Topics SS 2016

Camera protocol of the preparation workshop

  1. Home Cloud - Pros and Cons
  2. VR/AR for Professional Use - Yes or No?
  3. Autonomous Cars - How to Introduce them into Society

Topics SS 2015

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  1. Appropriate technologies for a web project
  2. Artificial Intelligence as a field of research
  3. Trends & influences of graphical systems

Topics SS 2014

  1. Crossplatform vs. Native
  2. Cloud - Yes or No ?
  3. IT - intern or extern ?

Topics SS 2013

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  1. Connected cars are getting more and more interesting. Is “Smart Car” a model for the future? What are the benefits and risks?
  2. How to realize a Smart Home in an economic way and how will it influence the everyday life?
  3. Do head mounted devices like “Google Glasses” revolutionize our everyday life? What benefits and risks come along with?

Topics SS 2012

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  1. Can autonomous systems and machines within civil and military contexts influence all lives ?
  2. Is "bring your own device" an improvement or a security risk ?
  3. Can technology in human evolution be beneficial ?

Topics SS 2011

Camera protocol of the preparation workshop

  1. Cloudcomputing - Security Aspects of a Cloud-CRM-Tool
  2. AI Assistent Systems - Security and Acceptance
  3. Augmented Reality - New Technologies and Applications in Gaming Industries

Topics SS 2010

  1. Can cloud computing hold up to the current and future challenges ?
  2. Changes and risks of moving the software development lifecycle from closed source to open source.
  3. Does it make sense to update the structure and features of the FHA HP to raise the acceptance by its users?